New Beginnings

{taking a bite out of the big apple}


{cheers to being employed!!}

The moment I have been waiting for- and studying and working and preparing for- is finally here. On Monday, I am starting my first job! Even more, the job is in Manhattan, a city I have longed to move to since I was a little girl, and is for one of my all-time favorite fashion brands, J.Crew.

I am feeling so many emotions as I begin this new chapter of life. Every success I’ve ever celebrated, from receiving good SAT scores that got me into the top communications school in the country to securing two awesome fashion internships and graduating college with double honors, has culminated into this moment of accepting my first job. While I’m nervous to start and sad to leave my family in Maryland, I can honestly say I breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in eight years.

I’m scared yet determined, intimidated yet excited to see what this next phase of life brings. Either way, I’m waltzing unapologetically into NYC with the starry-eyed naïvety of twenty-two.


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