Evening Relaxation


My #1 new years resolution for 2016 was to learn how to relax and take time for myself. Before making this a priority, I let my stress take over my life from the moment I woke up until my body finally gave in to sleep (around 2 or 3am). Over the past year, I’ve developed a few relaxation rituals that really help me get into cozy chill mode and I’ve listed five essentials below. What helps you relax?

  1. Candles: Something about lighting candles makes all my worries go away. I love sandalwood and amber aromas from Bath&Body Works and Anthropologie.
  2. Face Masks: The soothing feeling of using a spa-like facial mask transports me to a place of total serenity. I love SK-II sheet masks and Lush fresh face masks.
  3. Tea: I have been obsessed with tea since middle school. The soothing aroma and warmth help my body calm down. My favorites are Tazo chai tea and blueberry herbal tea.
  4. Cozy blankets + Pillows: There is no better feeling than sinking into a soft bed and wrapping a knitted blanked around your shoulders as you lay your head down on silk and fur pillowcases. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve this luxurious feeling-most of my softest pillows and throws were purchased for less than $20 at Target and T.J.Maxx.
  5. Yoga: My mom taught me yoga sequences at an young age, and I was doing bedtime yoga as early as 11 years old. Now I practice almost daily because it has tremendously helped my anxiety. I recommend a restorative yoga sequence or these nighttime yoga poses to help you relax come bedtime.

xx, Laina


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