Get Organized for 2016

The holidays are over and you’re ready for a fresh start. You’ve begun your new workout series and eating plan, vowed that this will be the year you will drink more water, and spent some of your Christmas money buying a new wardrobe. You are totally psyched about 2016 and feel ready to take the new year head-on (or feet first because you just bought new booties and they are so cute.)

To contribute to the feeling of getting a fresh start for the new year, here are four steps I took to ensure that I am as prepared and organized for the new year as possible.

Step 1: Office Supplies





My favorite new year ritual is purchasing a new planner. Nothing like fresh, clean pages to get you excited for a new year full of surprise plans and adventures. I am in love with this simple Kate Spade planner.

I also raided the dollar section at Target a few weeks ago to get these cute sticky notes, pens, and washi tape (for my planner) so I can stay prepared this year with my daily to-do lists and scheduling.

Step 2: File Folder



When I went to college, my mom bought me this Martha Stuart File Folder from Staples in order to have a centralized location for all of my important documents and paperwork. I constantly refer to this file folder, because it is where I keep everything important- from medical records and bank statements to postcards from places I have visited. Get one in a fun color to feel chic and organized!

Step 3: Closet Purge



This step is absolutely crucial. I cannot even tell you how I relieved I feel when I do a mass closet clean-out and get rid of everything I don’t wear in order to donate it all. Seriously… every time I do this I fill at least two trash bags full of clothes and accessories that I don’t use but that I know will make a lot of other people really happy. It makes me feel great. I also secretly reward myself for getting rid of clothes by going on a shopping spree.  Hey-it works!!

Step 4: New Years Resolutions

While a lot of people are weary of making a list of resolutions they know they won’t end of actually doing, I am all for making a list of new years resolutions! I make sure that what I write down is attainable and will benefit me in the long run. I make an effort to think about my resolutions once a week to ensure that I am making positive decisions throughout the year that will help me achieve my goals.


I hope these tips help you get organized for 2016 and help you feel refreshed!

xx, Laina


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