Happy New Year!






{Kate Spade agenda, J.Crew passport holder, Dolce&Gabbana lipstick in BonBon, paper straws + confetti from Target}

Happy New Year! I am so excited for all the new adventures 2016 will bring. I’m spending the holiday in Massachusetts with my boyfriend and his family, and then kicking off the new year later this month when I leave for my semester abroad. While I am overcome with nerves for my study abroad, I know that this is my only chance to drop everything and travel the globe.

The mark of January 2016 also makes me recognize my gratefulness for this blog. I started Rise + Shine last January and posted weekly, with each post only getting a few views. I am so thrilled with how far it has come. This blog has evolved and met milestone after milestone, and for something I simply do as a hobby, it is always lovely to see something you create succeed.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve filled with champagne, sequins, and confetti. I wish you a blessed new year… bring on 2016!

xx, Laina


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