Weekly Inspiration

Happy Monday! While its always sad to see the weekend come to an end, I was feeling particularly inspired and motivated this morning to have a great week. I spent my Sunday night cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, and studying for upcoming tests. While this wasn’t exactly glamorous, living and working in a clean space always makes my weeks go smoother.

I began my Monday with my Tabata workout class that meets twice a week (I am now constantly sore), followed by a warm cup of caramel apple coffee as I made my weekly to-do list. The amount of things on the list always increases as the semester goes on, but this is when I try to take joy from the little things around me to keep my spirits up. I’m getting excited for the weekend ahead, which includes the last football tailgate of the season and my sorority’s formal. Here is a roundup of some little things I’m collecting inspiration from this week:

{tis’ the season for darker lip shades}

{baubles + burgundy}


{enamored with my new pumps for formal}

{house goals: columns + porch + beautiful ivy}

What are some little things you are inspired by this week?

xx, Laina


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