Midterm Madness

Midterms hit me with full force this week. Just when I think I can’t handle another paper, exam, or group project… another one gets assigned. Trying to handle the impending stress while still being an active member of my sorority, extracurriculars, and activities can be really difficult sometimes. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve had my fair share of mental breakdowns throughout the past three years of college. However, over the years I have been able to realize the importance of taking breaks. Even if your break is only 30 minutes long and as simple as making yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, scrolling through Pinterest, reading a funny Buzzfeed article, or closing your eyes to take a power nap; it is still giving your brain time to refresh and rejuvenate.  I always feel less anxious after taking a mental break and am able to focus better on my assignments. My mental break this week involves writing this blog post, in which I’m focusing on scenes from this past weekend to get me through this stressful time.

{pumpkin cupcake fall candle = heavenly}

{a morning run in the crisp autumn air}

{so grateful my mom and sister could make it to Syracuse for my sorority’s mothers weekend}

For more weekend inspo + appreciation of the little things, follow me on Instagram. Have a great week!

xx, Laina


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