Fall Getaway Packing List

IMG_9547IMG_9549This weekend I took a trip to New England. Because I was so busy last week, I only had a an hour to pack my clothes for the weekend come Thursday. Our trip was only for the weekend, so I didn’t want to overpack. I stuck to my usual packing formula and planned my outfits ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to bring my entire closet. Here is a list of what I packed for the trip!

  1. Black boots: These J.Crew boots go with everything and easily fit in my suitcase!
  2. Plaid blanket scarf: My favorite fall accessory to help pull an outfit together. Can also be used as an actual blanket during the car trip to your destination!
  3. Comfy Sweatshirt: For chilly nights and cozy lazy days!
  4. Preppy baseball caps: For hiding unruly hair and for looking cute and preppy!
  5. J.Crew jeans: Sturdy, can be worn with anything!
  6. Solid tops: I brought two neutral colored tops as well as a colored top. These shirts are comfortable and versatile.
  7. Cute fall jacket: I scored this adorable jacket at J.Crew on sale over the summer (a similar one is available now!) and I was so excited to wear it this weekend. Its light enough to not be considered a winter jacket, but still kept me warm when it was a little chilly this weekend.

xx, Laina


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