Monthly Muses | September

The Inspiration:




This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a road trip to the adorable small town of Castile/Mount Morris, New York to explore Letchworth State Park, which was voted the best state park in the country this year. The views of the gorge, mountains, and waterfall were amazing. We walked all along the Genesee River and then had a picnic overlooking the vast landscape. It was so fascinating, and the actual road trip aspect was so much fun. I felt like a little kid again, with no worries at all but just to explore and enjoy the nature around me. Being outdoors all day reminded me of my childhood rock collection and how I used to love to play in mud, which I had almost completely forgotten about! It feels good to be reminded of these childhood memories, especially when I get bogged down with busy college life. I am going to try and continue this nature appreciation throughout the fall season, because the feeling of exploring an unknown place is very exhilarating, and something I really enjoy. This Monthly Muses post has nothing to do with fashion (even though I did try to wear cute hiking clothes-typical,) but rather serves as my recognition that I am striving to appreciate other little luxuries this fall that do not relate to material goods. The waterfall was simply one of the most gorgeous landscapes I have ever seen, and I will hold the memories of this trip close to my heart.


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