Lovely Little Luxuries | Staying In


After a long day of class and work, I usually opt for a relaxing night in than a crazy night out. While of course there are many times when I want to be a college student and have fun with friends, there are also nights when I simply need to chill out and recoup to prepare to finish out the rest of the week strong. Though my ideal ways to rewind include a massage or a bubble bath filled with Lush bath bombs, I have to be realistic with the fact that I am in college and can’t afford to get a massage every time I’m stressed (and I also don’t have a bathtub.) Rewinding after a busy day can be just as efficient with comfy blankets, cute pj’s, a feel-good movie or book, candles, and soothing face masks. I’ve compiled all my favorite essentials for a cozy night of staying in.

Refreshing snacks: strawberries, La Croix sparkling water (obsessed!!), decaf green tea

In-home spa: soothing face masks from Dolce&Gabbana and SK-II (leave on for 15 minutes and your face will feel completely moisturized + rejuvenated), Essie nail polishes

Snuggled up: Forever 21 sleep shorts, Urban Outfitters cozy socks, T.J.Maxx candle

What are your favorite little luxuries to help you rewind after a busy day?

xx, Laina


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