Cold Shoulder

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Happy Wednesday! I have a super busy day today attending the Student Involvement Fair for several groups I’m involved in, interviewing people to help me with the PR for Zipped Magazine, going to classes, and keeping up with my social media positions at The Daily Orange and Delta Gamma. Throw in doing homework, writing papers, figuring out housing for next year, and applying for a study abroad program (more to come later!) on top of this schedule and you might understand why I woke up overwhelmed with stress this morning.

Before I let myself worry too much, I made my bed, turned on some John Mayer, made a cup of coffee, and started planning a cute outfit. It’s amazing how morning rituals such as these help you have a relaxful morning, even when your plate is full. Personally, dolling myself up and looking presentable makes me feel better when I’m stressed, and motivates me for the day. I chose to wear an off-the-shoulder white top today to combat Syracuse’s extreme humidity, paired with muted green shorts. I’m at the point where I’m ready for fall clothes, but until the weather cools down, I plan on tying in the change of the season by wearing darker colors.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!

xx, Laina


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