Savoring Summer

Image 3

{thankful for each and every sunset}

Image 1

{poolside mimosas to celebrate summer}


{photogenic macarons at my grandmother’s birthday brunch}

Image 2

{summer evenings with this front porch pooch}

Image 5

{waving goodbye to the beach}

There is such a bittersweet feeling about leaving a place. When I left the city, I was devastated and longed to go back, but was excited to relax with my family by the ocean. When I left the beach this past weekend,  I knew I would miss the salty air and cute town, but was ready for something new. I am now back at my home in Maryland for the first time since May. Though the summer stillness surrounds us, my mind is bustling with anxiety as I pack for school, try to see friends before I leave, and manage to squeeze every necessary health appointment into a week’s time. However, being back at home reminds me of who I was before this summer,  so unsure and nervous of the future. I am proud of myself for all the chances I took, as a sister, friend, intern, and employee. I feel more confident, patient, and calm. My experiences this summer have helped me grow into someone I really want to be, and made me realize I am a lot more capable of doing life than I thought I was. I’m going to savor as much of summer as I can this next week before roadtripping back to Syracuse University for my junior year (I am beyond excited!) I might document every sunset, ice cream cone, or funny moment with my siblings this week, but I’m not ashamed. I just want to soak up every second.

You are amazing, don’t forget that.

xx, Laina


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