Getaway | New York City


{Forever 21 hat, Nordstrom tank, Free People bralette, Forever 21 shorts}

Last week, I cut my hair short. This week, I packed two suitcases and hopped on a train to New York City, terribly nervous and extremely excited all at the same time. I will be spending my summer here interning at a fashion + beauty PR agency. My first week has been simply incredible- from my busy job as an intern to exploring my new home. I visited Times Square, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, The High Line, Chelsea, Soho- the list goes on. Everywhere I go I want to photograph everything so I don’t miss a single beautiful sight.

Usually I struggle with such significant change, however the city’s bustling energy welcomed me right in, and I haven’t stopped smiling since. I love everything- the Greenwich Village area where I live, Soho’s unique architecture, the lush green parks, the fruit and flower stands, and the bright lights. Standing at the top of the Rockefeller Center today, my heart rushed with adrenaline when I realized I get to be in this city for two whole months. I’m overjoyed to be here and have this amazing experience in the city that never sleeps. The memories will truly be amazing.



{Nike Free Run sneakers}

After being home from college for the past two weeks with nothing to do, the only things that truly occupy up my day are usually coffee, Pinterest, and exercising. I like to work-out in the morning to get it over with. Unfortunately, working out and eating healthy become even more necessary as I grow older in order to stay healthy, and sometimes I really struggle to find the motivation and inspiration to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement. I put so much time and effort into tracking my runs and my meals on the various iPhone apps, finding new ab and leg workouts, and trying new yoga moves. However, at times it feels that working out and trying to reach my desired body is all I think about. I am simply exhausted from my mind being consumed with thoughts about body image. With so much “skinny inspiration” on Pinterest, Tumblr, and even the photos we post on Instagram, comparing oneself to others and trying to achieve “perfection” have become second nature, for myself and for other girls my age.

Part of the beauty of life is our little quirks and the ways we are different from those around us.  I will admit that society has come a long way in showing that body image does mean being a certain size or looking a certain way, but I do feel that we still have a long way to go. The desire to have a tiny waist, perfect abs, and hot-dog legs is cemented even further as we scroll through our Instagram feed.

I honestly and truly believe everyone is beautiful, and I aspire to spread this message to others throughout my life. One of my summer goals is to have more confidence and be nicer to myself when I look in the mirror, because I only get one life and I plan to live it to its fullest. Sulking about my body the majority of the day is a miserable way to go throughout my twenties, so I am really going to work on ending this terrible habit of mine.

It is time to begin a new era of pure confidence, acceptance, and inspiration to be who you want to be. I realize people have said this time and time again and it has been attempted before, but society eventually gives up and goes back to our “thinspo” ideals. I hope you will join me in this movement. Remember, you are beautiful inside and out. Do not let anyone let you think otherwise.

xx, Laina

Comfy + Minimalistic

{Steve Madden shoes, Nordstrom boyfriend jeans, Madewell tee, Francescas ring}

Happy Thursday! I wore this outfit yesterday when running errands, and it has totally become my new uniform. Perfect for when I want to be comfortable but also on trend, this outfit is minimalistic while still pulling off a put-together look. I purchased these shoes so I can have an easy slip-on for when I’m running around the city, and they pair perfectly with my favorite boyfriend jeans and super-soft black tee shirt. Plus, both the shoes and jeans are on sale this week for Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

xx, Laina

Getaway | OCMD

My sister and I randomly decided to road trip to our beach house this weekend. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in planning every detail of my life in my Lilly Pulitzer planner (color-coded of course), that I forget to simply enjoy being a 20-year-old girl on summer vacation. It was good to have a few days to relax under the warm sun, eat ice cream, shop, and unwind. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the weekend.

{caramel lattes at our favorite brunch spot}

{sunset views from our beach house}

{fruit, Jack Rogers sandals, and my fave Lilly Pulitzer tote, similar here

xx, Laina

Watercolors + Iced Coffee


{Nordstrom boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks, Lilly Pultizer planner}

With another semester in college done with, I am now at my childhood home in Maryland. Throughout the past week of being home with nothing to do, I have been doing some reflecting on the past few months. This semester, I had to do weekly sketches of fashion throughout history for a class I took. When the professor first announced this during the first week of classes, I was immediately intimidated. I was surrounding by amazing artists in this class, people I assumed to be way more fashionable than me. However, as the semester went on and I got better at my sketches, I realized that I can accomplish whatever I put my soul into. I ended up really enjoying the sketching process, and have now adopted fashion drawing as one of my hobbies. This newfound talent inspired me and gave me more confidence in my knowledge of the fashion world. I plan to bring my sketchbook and watercolor set with me when I move to New York City later this month, but more to come on that later!

xx, Laina