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{J.Crew cashmere sweater, Forever 21 faux fur vest, South Moon Under necklace}

I will be the first to say that I am all about anything fabulous. I wear oversized sunglasses perched on the edge of my nose and don’t take them off when I ride the bus to class. I absolutely adore the click-clack sound my booties make, and during the winter months, I wear lipstick religiously. To top it off, wearing my fur vest or coat makes me feel utterly glamorous.

However, I have never supported the wearing of real animal furs. Many fashion icons, such as Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, are known for promoting the use of real animal fur in garments. Time and time again, Mrs. Wintour has been verbally and even physically attacked by animal rights activists for her pro-fur editorials and advertisement campaigns.

I understand that furs are considered fabulous and have been especially trendy during the past few years. I, on the other hand, cannot help but be incredibly saddened by the thought of animals being harmed or even killed just to make a coat.

After six years of not eating meat, I recently gave up being a vegetarian. I have never been an extreme PETA activist, and to be honest, I do not judge Mrs. Wintour for wearing real furs. Everyone is entitled to their own life decisions and opinions, especially when it comes to fashion. I am a huge animal lover who simply cannot fathom the thought of wearing an animal as a jacket. I will continue to flaunt my faux fur vests and coats. They are cheaper after all.

xx, Laina


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