Who is this blog for?

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An important step when starting a blog is to decide who you are writing for. Being a college student, it is sometimes difficult to relate to various fashion blogs. It seems as though the most famous fashion bloggers are usually in their late twenties or early thirties, have careers, and some even have families of their own.

As a result of these ladies being older than me and having a completely different lifestyle, their blog content does not always apply to my life. I look at the way they dress for style inspiration, but let’s face it: I am a twenty-year-old college student living in Syracuse, New York. I am not going to wear Rockstud Valentinos and an Elizabeth and James fur coat to my accounting class (though that would be quite glamourous.)

With Rise + Shine, I want to appeal to other girls my age that also view fashion, coffee, and creativity as an outlet from daily school life. These are things I enjoy and love to talk about, so I am excited to share my love for these little luxuries with you. Most of us cannot afford Celiné bags, Club Monaco sweaters, McGuire jeans, and Prada shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy high fashion, celebrate style, and dress nicely. I am writing this blog to bring fashion blogs to a younger generation. The concepts are similar, but will be more accessible to college-aged girls.


Hello + Welcome


Hello there! My name is Laina and I am a sophomore at Syracuse University studying public relations, marketing, and fashion communications. My mom often tells people the story of five-year-old me and the way I would walk through the children’s clothing department, grabbing the most colorful and sparkly garments. I touched fabrics and if they were not up to my standards, my mom tells me I used to scrunch up my nose and claim, “It’s just not good cotton.” Twenty years later, dressing fashionably still inspires me in every aspect of life.

I am starting this blog for a public relations writing class, but I am very excited because I have always wanted to start a blog.  I have followed some of my favorite fashion bloggers (you can find them here and here) since I was in high school, and after all these years, I am ready to create my own blog content, take my own photographs, and share things that will make people smile.

This blog will focus on the details that I believe make life truly darling: such as fashion, design, and most importantly- coffee. Everything I do is driven by creativity, and I wanted to create a blog that captured this mantra. Think of Rise + Shine as your extra dose of cream and sugar in the morning. Let this blog inspire your creative brain, refresh your excitement about style, and help you appreciate life’s little luxuries- all while drinking your morning cup of coffee.